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Teen Talk


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Please, feel free to go through each name to find a counselor that is better suited for your problem.

I am a 16 years old, I live in deep south texas. Helping people just comes natural to me. The feeling of knowing you helped someone is so exilerating, I just cant describe it. I hope you choose me for a counselor because I am a loyal person and will do anything to do good for man kind... I am glad that you took time to look my name up and i hope that we will chat to each other in the future.
                                                             Email me at:

I am 14 years old, I live in Alabama 'bout 5 miles from the border of Florida.  I usually help all my friends @ school and @ home.  So, I think that if you need any help and you need to get in touch with someone that can be me!  I would like it if you would choose me for your counselor, so I can help!  I really appreciate you taking the time to look @ our names and have a wonderful time!

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